Saturday, 25 October 2014

Whatsapp Trick: How To Use It Free For Lifetime

Whatsapp is one of the most successful chat messenger at present and is very popular among youngsters. When we create account on whatsapp we get validity of 9 months to 1 year and after that we need to pay a small amount to use it again for another year. But here we are sharing an awesome trick by which you don't need to pay anything. By this trick you can extend validity of your account to another 1 year.

All you need to do is simply change your whatsapp number to another number then switch back to your main number. You will get one year extended from the day you use this trick.

Steps To Extend Whatsapp Validity:

  • Open Whatsapp Application.
  • Go to "Settings" and click on "Account".
  • Now click on "Change Number".
  • Now you will get new page appear in which you have to fill you current number then new number.
  • Fill your current number in first box, then fill your new number (which is never used on whatsapp) in second box.
  • Now you will receive a verification code on your new number enter that and click onDone.
  • Now your new account is created with one year validity.

Main Trick:

  • Now again do above steps but this time you need to fill new number in first box and your main number in second box to again switch to your old account.
  • When you complete all steps you will find that your old account validity extended to extra one year.

How To Check Validity:

  • Open Whatsapp Application.
  • Go to Settings and click on Payment Info.

  • By doing above steps you will get one more year free. Do these steps again, next year :D

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