Best Android Apps

Android as we already know is the most used OS By today’s generation,An unlimited collection of apps makes it very powerful and capable,with the help of various app android users can do anything and everything,Everything is possible with your finger tips edit photos,get details of calls,make themes,chat with your friends,get free recharges and so on,Today we are listing out some of the best apps of the day,do check each and every one of them,each app will definitely delight you up,These all the apps listed below are some of the best apps selected by us,to serve the best,hope you like all,we will keep updating this list notifying you,all you need to do is just keep watching up.

The download links for the respective apps are attached in the app’s title,click on the link,to get redirected to the Playstore.
1)Open signal Wifi mapper:-This is a brand new app that helps us mapping wifi hotspots near our location ,The concept is similar to truecaller,the app records wifi hotspot’s location from your phone in various areas and presents them to the users,being a new app currently database is a bit limited,this app will help you mapping all the nearby wifi hotspots in your area,passwords for wifi hotspots are also shared on comments to help you getting connected with the secured wifi hotspots,it has already covered a lot of cities,join the community and get to know about all nearby wifi.
2)Video Dieter 2:-This one is another app we would love our users to know about,The app will let you compress video files on your phone without any compromise in the quality,Video dieter is capable of compressing the video file upto 10 times,using the app you can remove sound from video,change the resolution,also record the videos directly,the app will definitely help you gaining more and more disk space.

3)KK Emoji keyboard:-KK Emoji keyboard is one of the best emoji keyboard app for android phones,using this app users can directly use from a large number of emotions any where and anytime,everything is their stored on your keyboard,the app also features a large number of themes,in addition to emojis users can also  explore animated images conveying various emotions,the keyboard is really very beautiful and capable.

4)Tapet:-Tapet is a wallpaper creator app for android,create amazing wallpapers in just few seconds,change shapes,colors and patterns,swipe right to change the pattern and swipe down to change the wallpaper,double tap to start a slide show,to unlock advanced options just goto menu > setting and tab the build number several times,you will have more options to work upon.

5)Aviary:-Aviary is an amazing image editor app for android,if you love adding effects to photos and editing them,then this app is worth a try,it features a large number of amazing effects,to beautify your image,add frames,stickers,overlays,add vignette,crop and focus,adjust lightening,blemish many more,just install the app and choose a photo,or click a new one,click enhance and fix the colors,add effects like keylime,lucky,haas etc,pay a small amount to unlock all the effects.

Now just Download all the apps and explore them ,more and more apps will be added up in coming days,the apps listed out have a small size,so you can easily give each one a try out.